Saturday, 28 July 2012

Right place, Wong time (Day 25-27)

               I am sick of blogging. And you all are sick of me. They say pictures are worth a thousand words; additionally, they are much easier to post. So here is a collection of photos that will amount to 17,000 words.

Enjoying the biggest hotdog I've ever seen. I ate it with a knife and fork.
But others were bolder
He really liked the van
We took the 40s
Some bitties busting a move to Greg's rapping
Even the homies enjoyed it
We shotgunned in Stephen Haper's riding!
Chris was slower on the draw
He hadn't tramped in 10 years
The other bros couldn't resist the fun
He's a neater eater than Dowling
Carving our way through the Rockies
We couldn't resist such a touristy photo
We splurged on a motel. Morale was high.