Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Big Show in the Big Smoke (Day 4)

The Argyles onstage at the Central
The Van parked outside another suburban manor
           After yet another fine evening with the Dowling Clan, it was time to depart for the next destination. By noon, we had the van loaded up, said our goodbyes, and hit the 401. Two and a half hours later, we arrived in Toronto with a van full of hungry boys. It was my turn to play the host as several members of the Argyles and Alexei Martov were staying my basement. We ate a dinner of gourmet burgers with all the condiments you could imagine—including Lick’s guck sauce which my American counterparts seemed to enjoy. It seems as if we have been eating better on tour than we had been in Montreal.   
                The show would be our biggest turn out of the tour. It took place in the bastion of Toronto hipsterdom known as the Annex in a bar called the Central. Indeed, the pre gig party had a larger turnout than our previous gig in Kingston and, unlike that one, most of the attendees were under the age of thirty. In addition, my parents had invited several of their own friends, and Argyle bassist and ladies man GD had a large contingent of females following him. 
Greg, Matt, and My Dad chatting up a bevy of fine bitties

The bright lights of Honest Ed's
                We arrived at 9:30 out front of  Toronto’s most famous discount department stores Honest Ed’s, who built a business empire on low prices and meaningless slogans. The bar was intimate: aside from the large patio and seating area in the back, there was a long, narrow room leading up the stage which required audience members to be at close quarters. As we set up our donation, CD, and sock sale booth, the people began to flow in, with well over 30 in attendance. We also raised over $200 in gas money! Thanks for all of your generosity. 

                A local Toronto band known as the Fever warmed up the crowd; then it was time for the Argyles to take the stage. The show was our best one yet. GD’s basslines were solid, Matt’s drumming tight, and Greg’s stage presence more animated than ever, culminating with Greg smashing the cymbals with his guitar during "Lights". Afterwards Greg commented that he had been on the verge of passing out. Indeed, the heat was oppressive, with my sax keys slippery and a puddle of Greg’s sweat on the floor. Later Alexei Martov would take to the stage for another solid performance. Greg has been filling in on drums for Jonah Dorman and has been getting tighter with each progressive gig. Thanks again to all of you who came out and supported us last night. It was our best show ever!

Alexei Martov bassist Matt Dorfman happy for the gas money

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